3D Erwin Rommel

A sculpt and model of the WW2 field marshal, Erwin Rommel. Sculpted, modelled, UV unwrapped, and texture painted in Blender.

The total number of tris in the model is 51409.

  • Role 3D Character Artist
  • For Historical figure – Portfolio
  • Date 2015
  • Type 3D Model

Erwin Rommel’s head bust, with the subsurface scattering applied. You can see the process of reaching the final outcome. Dynamic topology was used in Blender to sculpt artistic interpretation of Rommel’s head using online images. I retopologised a 3D model head of Erwin Rommel. I also added hair and Subsurf eyes for finishing touches.

Erwin Rommel (portrait)

The final 3D model of Erwin Rommel with colour and texture maps.

The final 3D model, Erwin Rommel. Good, clean topology to unwrap and add colour and texture.

Subsurface scattering was used on the head and face. I used five layers, dermal, epidermal, specular, normal map and a colour layer for the skin – all texture painted in Blender. Used texture maps 2048 x 2048

Diffuse colour maps for Rommel’s clothing and equipment texture painted in Blender. Texture maps 2048 x 2048

Erwin Rommel