Dark Cupid 2015

Dark Cupid 2015
3D model to make a still image. (It’s away from my usual Bic biro style but i can do 3D!)
Submission to CG Cookie Contest.

Sculpted, modelled(very rough!) texture painted, and light in Blender.

Cupid grief stricken for Psyche’s punishment deep in the dark abyss, Tartarus. This twists Cupid from a loving dove son to a scavenging vulture spreading misery and despair to the human populace.

Self crit – its ok could do with tweaks and detail clean ups in textures, lights and do a detailed comp in post production – alas I ran out of time. – oh and add particles/feathers to tops of wings and waist area.

  • Role 3D Character Artist
  • For CG Cookie Concept Contest 2015
  • Date 2015
  • Type Image
  • URL CG Cookie

Dark Cupid (Sculpt) Didn’t like the angry expression – change to a sad cupid. Didn’t want the obvious horror demonic look that can be an easy trap to fall into!

Dark Cupid (retopologised, feathers and light) Model, retopologised, unwrapped to create one detailed texture map

Dark Cupid (first outline sculpt) Looking at reference images, Justin Bieber, Michelangelo, ‘The Last Judgement’, vulture feet, Jean Jacques Henner, ‘Solitude’ and William Blake.

Dark Cupid(model with texture map) Cupid, sad and grief stricken

Dark Cupid (texture) Using just one texture map – needs more work, but will do

Dark Cupid (head detail)