Chameleon Swing - 2D Mobile Game

All hand drawn in biro, Creating the visual look, 2D Drawn Characters and environments, level Game Design deciding on the goals, rules, challenges and interactions (Mobile game iOS/Android) @firetwingames

Indie Develop Award GEEK 2017
Indie Develop Award GEEK 2018

  • Role Artist/Co-creator
  • For Independent Mobile Game
  • Date 2015 – 2018
  • URL
  • Pen Ink On Paper Biro on paper & digital rendering

Game Trailer (2018)

Comic Postcard, GEEK 2018

First marketing image for the game

Camil’s animation keys

Camil Character Logo

Kroc’s animation keys

Kroc Character Logo

Eagle animation keys

The Dice Room – Roll for special abilities before playing the game

The Shaman, The All-Seeeing Aye