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Warning! ‘Highly Addictive, like liquid…..’ And they keep coming back for more!!

Chameleon Swing – Welcome to our booth said the chameleon to the fly Crazy Chameleons with bulging green eyes and blasting out party blowers stun passer-by’s. Win sweets and prizes and the highest scorers of the day take away one-of-a-kind comic strip print.

Having GEEK success in Dreamland. Now its Insomnia 61 with four days of high energy Chameleon Swing fun at the NEC, Birmingham.

We had interest from across the board from indie developers, gamers, families, teens and our target audience kids, 6-13 years (possibly one’s that play Minecraft constantly and want a break) Kids pick up Chameleon Swing quick and fast! And once players “got it”, they wanted to master the tongue swinging mechanic (no easy feat!) and the better they got the more addicted they became until they died to the infamous spiky trees for the 50th time! Ahhhhh! I’m so irritated with this game but I’m determined to get the highest score – just one more go!

A Snack Game (And suitable for a quick toilet break!)

The simple tap and play functionality allows players unlimited go’s without hindering their game play.

Unique Game Features

Quick touch and play game with unlimited go’s
Tongue swinging mechanic with momentum and flow
Unique cartoon characters with a handrawn quality and backstory

There is always added polish needed to a game and Chameleon Swing is no exception. The list is long, but from the ample feedback we received at Insomnia 61 we can’t wait to delve back into the characters, the stories, and GameMaker to build the game assets.

If you havant download the game for the Android do so free at the link below – Provide your email and we will keep you informed of future Chameleon Swing updates, especially for the iphones(which will happen!). Thank you and enjoy the game.

Download Chamaleon Swing for the Andriod at GooglePlay – www.firetwin.com