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Happy 2020 everyone.
The first draft of my first novel (typed from my notebooks)
I’ll leave it for a couple of weeks before doing the mountainous first revision of character, plot and setting. It feels good doing the first draft but there is so much more rewriting and editing to do.
My inspiration has come from multiple sources but guiltly I have to admit that E.L James of Fifty Shades was the driving force in me creating my first novel. Has anyone seen ‘YOU’ the TV series? Oh my God! That was both unsettling and fascinating to watch, there was like this little war raging in my head about – Oh! What he’s doing is bad – and on the other side I was rooting for the killer/stalker to get the girl. I was conflicted but I have to admit its been the best TV series I’ve seen so far. It’s given me inspiration to build my serial killer character that’s been silently growing over many years of contemplation and reflection.

Sketches for WarHammer 40K – Orks and Grots (goblins) I jotted down ideas for fleshing out a break-away Grot faction, The Bankers Guild – their only premise is to make money (market makers) and profit from legitimate financial dealings(The Galactic Charter) to more extreme and immoral methods, war for profit (sell weapons and armies to clients) sell extortionate medicines to suffering worlds and seize and annex property due to late and outstanding fees. To the most despicable and darker black markets using embezzlement, fraud, kidnapping and ransom, to raising a private army to collect outstanding debts (To ‘collect’ being an ambiguous term receiving payment using threats and warnings to armed force) The Collector approaches the subject, “I’m here to collect, thats my final warning.” He also charges an appearance fee.