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Happy 2020 everyone.
The first draft of my first novel (typed from my notebooks)
I’ll leave it for a couple of weeks before doing the mountainous first revision of character, plot and setting. It feels good doing the first draft but there is so much more rewriting and editing to do.
My inspiration has come from multiple sources but guiltly I have to admit that E.L James of Fifty Shades was the driving force in me creating my first novel. Has anyone seen ‘YOU’ the TV series? Oh my God! That was both unsettling and fascinating to watch, there was like this little war raging in my head about – Oh! What he’s doing is bad – and on the other side I was rooting for the killer/stalker to get the girl. I was conflicted but I have to admit its been the best TV series I’ve seen so far. It’s given me inspiration to build my serial killer character that’s been silently growing over many years of contemplation and reflection.

Ideas for Insect and Arachnid races in WarHammer 40K

Hi All! Here is an outline of myself (how I’m feeling!) and undertaking Cory Huff’s art course, The Abundant Artist – lets see what happens (gulp!)

My name is Kier Eyles and I’m an artist based in the UK. I have the background and techniques in drawing, fine art, live art, filmmaking, 2D & 3D animation and game art, but now I need to promote, market and sell biro drawings effectively. I’m a bit of a hybrid artist with my attention currently focused on Chameleon Swing, a 2D mobile game drawn in biros and playable for the Android (www.firetwin.com + www.kiereyles.com ), and a 3D digital sculptor using Blender and ZBrush.

But the Work I find the most enjoyable, uneasy and more difficult to share with others is my fine art biro drawings – this is the work I would like to brand, promote and sell. Currently I have no sales at the moment because I have this question, who would buy it? It’s possibly too personal, weird and strange (or people call too stylised?) so finding my market and selling would be a huge plus!

I’ve started to create a new body of biro work, 8 pieces focused on the human form both mental and physical which I’m hoping to submit 3 for the Jerwood Drawing Prize in June, but also I want to sell, brand and promote the work

The two images above are part of an eight part series, LoveHate and PowerTrip – biro on A4 paper

And the background for these pieces can be seen in my behance portfolio – https://www.behance.net/gallery/2536011/Portfolio

It feels good to get this all out there!

Drawing Exercise 1, being quick and fluid with line (under 50 mins) Use a bean, limb lines and icons as a structure to find offsets and define the human form.