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Detailing and adding realism to the face sculpt of Man-At-Arms using James Franco as reference. It’s going well but some areas need attention like the ears, neck and fibre mesh for the hair, eyebrows and stubble.

Now. I, Skeletor, am Master of the Universe! Yes! Yes… I feel it, the power… fills me. Yes, I feel the universe within me! I am… I am a part of the cosmos! Its energy flows… flows through me. Of what consequence are you now? This planet, these people – They are nothing to me – the universe is power, pure, unstoppable power – and I am that force, I am that power!

Head sculpt with Falcon helmet (Man-At-Arms)

Drawing Exercise 2 – Use a bean to create dynamic pose finding offsets and overlaps.

Drawing Exercise 1, being quick and fluid with line (under 50 mins) Use a bean, limb lines and icons as a structure to find offsets and define the human form.

Carrying on the Young Spartan sculpts using Ryan’s process from the last webinar – mummy wrap method – finding offsets (Still lots to sort out – getting there slowly)

Isolated female sculpt (unfinished) based on the Young Spartans by Degas (Tried to create own measure proportion tools/systems for myself based on Ryan’s Kingslien MOOC system) Taking me a little time digest all this info!!! But I am making great progress and anatomy feels easier to understand despite its complexities.

Young Spartans by Edgar Degas – 7 figure sculpt potentials to establish landmarks, offsets, overlaps and curves in Ryan Kingslien’s, Unleash Anatomy/ Figure Sculpting – Sculptor’s Way

Head study using Ryan’s M.O.O.C system – measure, offsets, overlaps, curves. Will want to retry the 6 head study exercise using imagination and reference in timed conditions.

Update. Update – October 1st not long till Xmas already! Ahhhh. Well here is another sculpt update redoing the cyclops arm in ZBrush and building up the human proportions and shape in Blender.

Leg Studies/measurements + proportions – been some time since updated. Been busy on game, landscape painting and anatomy sculpting – will upload all at sometime – i thought i’ll show some recent studies.

The External Obliques of the human torso, part 1 outlining origins, insertions and features. Part 2 looks at obliques function with other muscles and response to actions

(This is my first instructional video) Watch at your own peril, do not operate heavy machinary while watching, apologies for the bad sound/mic and you ask why am i uploading this? - needed to post something in the time i wasted on these videos, BUT, but i learnt alot of stuff on the way . ENJOY! - hehe

This is for educational purposes only.