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Man-At-Arms, this piece is till ongoing, I managed to retopologize the Falcon Helmet, my own redesign inspired and influenced by infantry men-at-arms in 1400's (i.e Agincourt) and Roman legion armour. The body armour is still based on the original He-Man cartoon and recent comics. The suit was partly inspired by Boba Fett’s, Star Wars with gadgets but my design is AI voice activated (similar to Iron Man) which can protect the wearer from explosions, gunfire, chemical biological warfare, nuclear fallout and inhospitable terrain. In the backpack is the power source for the internal computer, the suit, and weapons like the mace fitted in the backpack. I plan to detail the face further with skin pores, eyelashes and facial hair. All the work was carried out in ZBrush and Blender.

Can you guess the likeness/portrait?

Man-At-Arms update. OK. This retopology stuff is going very slow due to other pressing matters like Chameleon Swing but I just thought I better show that I’m still working on this mammoth 3D sculpt, little by little, piece by piece.

Update. Update – October 1st not long till Xmas already! Ahhhh. Well here is another sculpt update redoing the cyclops arm in ZBrush and building up the human proportions and shape in Blender.

The Rose Princess - first attempt at sculpting a female model (unfinished) in Blender. It was a nice challenge, but i find it easy and more interesting modelling the human form - the toughest challenge will be building realistic armour around the female form. I was inspired by the historical references to the Tudors, Joan of Arc and knights effigies in England and France in Medieval period.