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This is the recent update for the 3D Camil Chameleon model. I went back into the model to redo and adjust some items, improve textures and render again to give a more polished and striking look to the work. Go to the main page and view the movie and images from there.

Gaius Julius Caesar, experimental/marble bust created in ZBrush (I would be quite afraid facing this guy on the battlefield) Ryan Kingslien has been a real help in pushing my anatomy to the next level – cheers Ryan!

Head sculpt with Falcon helmet (Man-At-Arms)

Had difficulty sleeping so I refined the head sculpt for the Man-At-Arms model using James Franco as reference to a certain point and stop there as i want to create a unique person (not James Franco) as Man-At-Arms…that’s the story so far.

The Rose Princess - first attempt at sculpting a female model (unfinished) in Blender. It was a nice challenge, but i find it easy and more interesting modelling the human form - the toughest challenge will be building realistic armour around the female form. I was inspired by the historical references to the Tudors, Joan of Arc and knights effigies in England and France in Medieval period.