More skull anatomy drawings to understand the human head and face. A real influence is Ryan Kingslien and many other Z Brush artists that show how to sculpt a face and head from a position of knowledge (how particular skull bones influence the surface of the face, correct proportions using features of the skull that influence each other and the correct design of the skull, subtle differences male/female, and other good advice position of eye in orbit and the position of the lips to the teeth and so on) Great stuff - its now making me consider anatomy and sculpting in a completely different way - now looking at my feeble attempt in ZBrush - must do better, much better.
Other references used, Scott Eaton, Wiki - understand each part of the skull and Gray's Antomy (the book not the tv series)

My first ever, ever - quick Z brush sculpt (using no reference) Still fighting and looking at the skull in great detail to improve my head and face sculpts - I will complete and have thorough knowledge of the head anatomy for any future portrait, character, drawing in the future.

A selection of recent anatomy studies of the head (after Burne Hogarth) - keep trying to understand the structure of the face and head completely without any reference material, bit like Degas - keep reworking the work. Used CRAYONS! Big change from bics cause wanted shake things up a bit - inspired by article somewhere about Pixar using kids crayons and rubbishy paper to draw out the first rough concepts for the beginnings of a story/film. Also like the immediate and chunky texture mark of the crayon - speeds up the drawing compared to using bics, but bic is still my prefered weapon of choice.

Blood Money

Deep in the underworld inside the great banquet hall 'the Devourer', a diamond skull monster with deep red jewel eyes consumes the rich and wealthy.

Concept art piece with, Poker Night (possibly for a future 2D drawn animation short)

The skull in progress (by viewing the skull at all angles including above and beneath - grabbing moving proportions around the main skull features should form from a foundation skull model - that means looking at lots of skull references) . I will seperate the jaw bone from the skull by retopology and try to detail the teeth (In the near future)

Skull study sculpt in Blender (unfinished) I will finish the teeth and do a final polish for an end result.

Head mass studies from Hogarth's, Drawing the Human Head. Need to understand the facial/head anatomy for more realistic head sculpts, so back to Artist Anatomy 101. The second image is the combination of sculpt and the grease pencil tool in Blender. From here i will use both methods in combination with some crayon drawings to build and form a realistic skull sculpt.

Here is a more refined constructed head from the previous post (see the planes of the face)
Again more detail to be added.

Looking at the planes of the face watching and analysing a video tutorial (second time!) I like this approach to constructing the head. From left to right we can see the basic form being shaped into different curved planes to form the skull, head and facial features. I'm still unfinished with this piece, but much happier with the underlying structure to sculpt future heads!

My first ever quick 45 minute sculpt using Caesar's marble portrait as reference. Not very good - not happy. Need to focus on just the basic structures under the face, which I did through my own study in the second image with the grease pencil red, blue and green guidelines. Next I will be using theory and rules with my own analysis to construct the face.

The female with eyes, hair and the new body proportions - but I'm having second thoughts! Somethings amiss.
The ear took 20 minutes, with a little time after for quick clean up.

After doing lots crocodile studies (share later) back to The Rose Princess - notes and drawings for outcome of the sculpt. The proportions have been altered when I started refining the face and head - the red lines are earlier guides and the black lines show the later resculpt. The sculpt reached over million polygones becoming unworkable so I invested the time in adding new UI Sculpt tools addons, and Whola! Remeshed my sculpt to a workable model. References used was recent 'Next' fashion advertisments from the Metro and Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist.

The Rose Princess - first attempt at sculpting a female model (unfinished) in Blender. It was a nice challenge, but i find it easy and more interesting modelling the human form - the toughest challenge will be building realistic armour around the female form. I was inspired by the historical references to the Tudors, Joan of Arc and knights effigies in England and France in Medieval period.

Deep in the underworld Osiris and Anubis playing poker with people's souls and Ammit sleeping. Idea and image flashed in my mind part of a future animation. (Bic biro on paper)