Man-At-Arms, Still lots to sort out. Hopefully i can get all the shapes finalised and go into the design super detail at some stage!?

Hi All! Been really busy with the 5th redesign overhaul of the Man-At-Arms over the holidays. Overall the design has improved considerably from the old sculpts, breaking it up in subtools and relooking at how his armour is biosuit to survive biological warfare and hostile terrain (inspired by nasa spacesuits) and exoskeleton (insects) to give super strength – still lots to finalise and detail – also done a quick colour test(and first ever!) using Josh’s compositing video. Oh well here it is.

Have at great 2016!!!

Drawing Exercise 2 – looking at another pose of Joan of Arc being pulled off her horse. Drawing Exercise 3, drawn on the back of Metro newspaper with sharpie and biro – pushing the Joan of Arc running pose in exercise 2 to the two poses in 3rd image (like animation)

Drawing Exercise 2 – Use a bean to create dynamic pose finding offsets and overlaps.

Drawing Exercise 1, being quick and fluid with line (under 50 mins) Use a bean, limb lines and icons as a structure to find offsets and define the human form.

Carrying on the Young Spartan sculpts using Ryan’s MOOC process from the last webinar (Still lots to sort out – getting there slowly)

Carrying on the Young Spartan sculpts using Ryan’s process from the last webinar – mummy wrap method – finding offsets (Still lots to sort out – getting there slowly)

Isolated female sculpt (unfinished) based on the Young Spartans by Degas (Tried to create own measure proportion tools/systems for myself based on Ryan’s Kingslien MOOC system) Taking me a little time digest all this info!!! But I am making great progress and anatomy feels easier to understand despite its complexities.

Young Spartans by Edgar Degas – 7 figure sculpt potentials to establish landmarks, offsets, overlaps and curves in Ryan Kingslien’s, Unleash Anatomy/ Figure Sculpting – Sculptor’s Way

Ongoing – using my base model to create Caesar’s face

Head study using Ryan’s M.O.O.C system – measure, offsets, overlaps, curves. Will want to retry the 6 head study exercise using imagination and reference in timed conditions.

Update. Update – October 1st not long till Xmas already! Ahhhh. Well here is another sculpt update redoing the cyclops arm in ZBrush and building up the human proportions and shape in Blender.

Leg Studies/measurements + proportions – been some time since updated. Been busy on game, landscape painting and anatomy sculpting – will upload all at sometime – i thought i’ll show some recent studies.

Cycops torso study - dynamic pose

The External Obliques of the human torso, part 1 outlining origins, insertions and features. Part 2 looks at obliques function with other muscles and response to actions

(This is my first instructional video) Watch at your own peril, do not operate heavy machinary while watching, apologies for the bad sound/mic and you ask why am i uploading this? - needed to post something in the time i wasted on these videos, BUT, but i learnt alot of stuff on the way . ENJOY! - hehe

This is for educational purposes only.

Managed to get in a pink bic biro drawing whilst floating around Tate Britain. Eve, sculpted in marble by Sir Thomas Brock, 1900.

Had to sculpt or draw a figure in a dynamic pose for Unleash Anatomy course - well there is more of a process of finding (feels like ideal art piece). The headstand (my decided pose) ended up with no real finished sculpt - Steve Lord's talk at Gnomon was a real push and inspiration for me to find form through anatomy. The process continues....

Well again - long time since posting - 10 days! Been busy trying to learn ZBrush and anatomy at the same time and decided to do an online course by Ryan Kingslain. Here is one of my first assignments from the course - Unleash Anatomy. Trying to find form from reference. The first studies in bic were difficult, but one should never quit (U turn if you want to. I'm not for turning - bad I know) The second is my own mug (self portrait in childrens crayons) The third is a base mesh and face sculpted in Zbrush of my self portrait (In progress) Fingers crossed and see how it goes.

It's been a while since I blogged with so much to cram in so little time - after the game Indy event in Brighton and being a complete noob at Zbrush - forcing out 6 quick sculpted heads from Friday (3 reference, 3 imagination) a task set by Ryan Kingslien in his anatomy webinar. OK they not resolved but I have stopped to where the main landmarks have been blocked in and now i just need to juiggle a few things, clean up and detail and whoola! (I just wished it was that easy) Good old skull anatomy studies didn't go to waste (Need to build my own skeleton from scratch sometime)