Yippeeee!!! Another 3D model pose sheet of our main hero in Camil Chameleon. The fastest long tongue in Madagascar.


Here is the new cover art for our new mobile game, Chameleon Swing – sign up for the beta and be one of our testers! http://www.moddb.com/games/chameleon-swing

Chameleon Swing is the endless tongue flinger for Mobile.
Swing through the Madagascan rainforest– NOT with rope, NOT with vines, BUT WITH TONGUE!

Guide Camill Chameleon from branch to branch, clocking up metres and snacking on bugs to gain new powers. Meanwhile, you must desperately avoid falling too low or soaring too high, for the cunning croc and the crazed eagle lie in wait. Let’s not forget those pesky lemurs, who knows what mood they’ll be in. Stay clear or prepare to be chucked into the jaws of death!


Chameleon Swing – mobile game, August 2016

(I can’t help thinking Starship Troopers when talking about ‘BUGS’)

Thinking bugs, naturally chameleons eat bugs so we needed to have something for Camil to collect on his travels through the rainforest. I strolled into the the children’s section in the local library, and grabbed all the available books for inspiration and reference. Going through each one I learnt new quick-fire facts and consumed a barrage of bright colourful images to stir those creative thoughts.


Man-At-Arms update. OK. This retopology stuff is going very slow due to other pressing matters like Chameleon Swing but I just thought I better show that I’m still working on this mammoth 3D sculpt, little by little, piece by piece.

The post below I admit is close to a month old but its good to reread my stuff – and stupid me forgot to post it on my art blog – Have a great summer. Follow the link below to read the article ‘turning a cartoon crocodile into a cold-blooded killer’


Head sculpt with Falcon helmet (Man-At-Arms)

Had difficulty sleeping so I refined the head sculpt for the Man-At-Arms model using James Franco as reference to a certain point and stop there as i want to create a unique person (not James Franco) as Man-At-Arms…that’s the story so far.

A new day a new Camil Chameleon profile pic! (A shift from flat 2D to 3D…perhaps??)
Are hero and friend swinging through the Madagascan rainforest in the mobile game, Chameleon Swing – coming soon on a phone near you!


Character Game Concepts for the Lemur and Gecko in Chameleon Swing.

Those pesky Lemurs!! – they throw Camil Chameleon up into the clutches of the Eagle or down into the jaws of the Crocodile. Those Gecko’s are just as annoying – stunning you and making you fall to the ground with a thud


A Chameleon doesn’t leave one tree until he’s sure of another – Arabian Proverb

(Here is an additional concept board of numerous trees from the beginnings (left) and the final look (right) I must of lost count of how many drawings there were – that branch is too short, too long, too many leaves, not enough leaves, the trunk is too short, it needs variation…and so on. I think we got there in the end


Been busy at EGXRezzed promoting and showing our mobile game Chameleon Swing all drawn in Bic biro pen. Still lots to draw and sort out . Hopefully at sometime I can finish the Man-At-Arms sculpt?
Evolution of the character Camil Chameleon from A – Z


Man-At-Arms update. Still going…

Man-At-Arms, Still lots to sort out. Hopefully i can get all the shapes finalised and go into the design super detail at some stage!?

Hi All! Been really busy with the 5th redesign overhaul of the Man-At-Arms over the holidays. Overall the design has improved considerably from the old sculpts, breaking it up in subtools and relooking at how his armour is biosuit to survive biological warfare and hostile terrain (inspired by nasa spacesuits) and exoskeleton (insects) to give super strength – still lots to finalise and detail – also done a quick colour test(and first ever!) using Josh’s compositing video. Oh well here it is.

Have at great 2016!!!

Drawing Exercise 2 – looking at another pose of Joan of Arc being pulled off her horse. Drawing Exercise 3, drawn on the back of Metro newspaper with sharpie and biro – pushing the Joan of Arc running pose in exercise 2 to the two poses in 3rd image (like animation)

Drawing Exercise 2 – Use a bean to create dynamic pose finding offsets and overlaps.